Apart from being complimented on its smart looks, Aeofit Smart Watches envelops a legion of features starting from the very basic ones to advanced ones. Few of its functions that enhance your day-to-day life are as follows

1. Make and receive calls

Never miss any important call, with notifications right on your wrist. Make and receive calls without even picking up your phone.

2. Set Alarms and reminders

Instead of the alarm clock screeching early morning on the top of your head you can set an alarm on your smart watch to wake up comfortably.

3. In-built Camera

Always keep smiling as it has an in-built camera and you never know which naughty friend of yours is about to take a candid picture.

4. Built-in Speaker

With its built-in speaker you can play music while partying, driving or exercising.

5. Video Recording

You can put its video recording feature to good use by flaunting your latent bathroom singing talent or showing those superbly uncoordinated dance moves or for some serious purpose.

6. Stay healthy

The apps in Aeofit smart watches make sure that you stay fit and healthy. There are a number of apps. Some of them are:

  • Pedometer: Informs you about the number of steps you have walked.
  • Calorie Calculator: Evaluates all the calories that you have burnt. So the next time avoid taking the route to your favourite bakery shop.
  • Water Intake: Your endless to-do list may forget to list one of the basic tasks and that is to stay hydrated. Noise Smart Watch’s app will not only remind you but show you your water intake like a doting friend.
  • Sedentary Reminder: This app is designed for all of you who follow a sedentary work life. This app reminds you when you have been sitting for too long and should move around, the calories that you have burnt and stay fit. In short it is your personal trainer.
  • Sleep monitor: keeps a check your sleep pattern. Now you can dream peacefully.

7. Battery Life

With the Bluetooth on you can use your Aeofit Smart Watches for 3 days while on Bluetooth standby for 7 days. Your smartphone can really chill now.