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My battery is not charging2020-12-25T14:08:33+05:30

Please charge your smart watch in a well-ventilated environment. Before charging, make sure the charging port is dry. Wipe off any water or sweat.

To charge your smart watch:

  • Place the Aeofit Alpha smart watch on the magnetic charger. It will be attract and connect perfectly if the charging pins are aligned.
  • Connect the charging cable to a power source.
  • When your smart watch is fully charged, 100% will be displayed on the screen and the charging will stop automatically. If the battery level is below 100% and the charger is still connected, the charging will start automatically.
I am facing a low battery backup2020-12-25T14:05:36+05:30

Before measuring the battery drain make sure your band is charged to 100%

Battery backup is based on the usage scenarios, using the watch for a long time for heart rate monitoring may drain more battery.

  • This may occur if the number of screen wake-up times increases when you raise your wrist in special scenarios.
  • The power consumption of your watch may increase when you enable auto heart rate monitoring.

How to Reduce the battery consumption of the Watch:

  • Disable Continuous heart rate monitoring in the Fit Cloud Pro app.
  • Disable Notifications in the Fit Cloud Pro app if you do not need the notification function.
  • Disable Raise wrist to wake screen in the Fit Cloud Pro app if you do not need to use this function.
How do I set up my AeoFit Alpha?2020-12-25T14:03:22+05:30

You can follow the steps to set up your AeoFit Alpha:

  • Long press the lower button of the smartwatch to turn on the watch.
  • Download and install Fit Cloud Pro App on your phone.
  • Turn on the watch Bluetooth under general settings.
  • Turn on the Bluetooth on your smartphone.
  • Pair with QR Code Scan – You can use the QR Code scan method to pair the watch.
  • Open the Fit Cloud Pro app and sign up or login.
  • Select AeoFit Alpha watch code. Scan the QR code.
  • Open the Fit Cloud Pro app. Feed-in your Personal Info and Save.
Why can’t I set up my AeoFit Alpha?2020-12-25T14:00:49+05:30

Please, restart your AeoFit Alpha and unpair/forget it from the Bluetooth and try connecting again.

Note: Please ensure smartwatch Bluetooth and smartphone Bluetooth is on.

Why didn’t my AeoFit Alpha device alert me?2020-12-25T13:57:04+05:30

This may be due to a break in the connectivity between AeoFit Alpha and Fit Cloud Pro App.

Please check if your watch and smartphone are within Bluetooth range and the alerts have been turned on in the App. For a smooth connection please ensure that the Fit Cloud Pro App is running in the background.

Note: Please ensure smartwatch Bluetooth and smartphone Bluetooth is on.

How do I restart my AeoFit Alpha?2020-12-25T13:59:22+05:30

Long press the power button on AeoFit Alpha to restart the smartwatch.

How do I charge my AeoFit Alpha smart watch?2020-12-25T13:49:32+05:30

AeoFit Alpha comes with a magnetic charger. Place the device on the charging dock and plug the Micro USB cable into the charging dock and macro end of the cable into a USB power source.


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