We’re a team of Technology Enthusiasts, Passionate in bringing the best to our customers.

AeoFit is a young and energetic Fitness and Lifestyle brand, focused on delivering premium quality and highest value.

Meet The Experts

Gaurav Tripathi

Gaurav is an alumnus of Institute of Management & Technology, and has worked in the IT Solutions Consultancy domain for more than 7 years. He has extensive experience with IoT, product design and project management. Gaurav is the brains behind the technological initiatives of AeoFit.

Nirvan Rustagi

Entrepreneur par excellence, with multiple business lines ranging from real-estate to electronics manufacturing. Alumnus of Institute of Management & Technology, Nirvan has successfully established his ventures, as well known businesses across India.

Gagandeep Singh

Veteran of the e-commerce industry, Gagan is a pioneer in bringing the latest in smart wearables, earphones and mobile accessories to India. Starting at a young age, Gagan has evolved into an expert marketer, and has established his ventures as reputed brands on multiple e-commerce platforms in India.

Pradeep Karmakar

Pradeep is a veteran of the e-commerce industry, focusing on the operational side of things. Partnering with Gagan, Pradeep has been instrumental in ensuring smooth behind the scenes operations and is going to reprise the same role for Aeofit.

All About Us

AeoFit Now

What the Future Holds

AeoFit is the brainchild of four friends, passionate about everything tech, trends and lifestyle. Having taken great strides individually in their careers, the passion for entrepreneurship brought them together.

At AeoFit we are laser focused to make the latest tech from around the world accessible and affordable, and bring a spark to the life of our young consumers. Smart Watches and Wireless Headphones are the starting points for us, and we are committed to bring innovative and new products to the Indian market.

We firmly believe that India has gained a respectable position in the world due to our technology sector. We aim to tap that enormous talent pool, and introduce revolutionary products to our consumers.

We wish to be the brand that epitomizes the idea of innovation, and be the most exciting company in India, with customers who love us and are proud to a part of our family.

Starting with Smart Watches and Wireless Headphones, we hope to someday build space rockets and flying cars… Dream Ahead !


Our Commitment

Towards customer satisfaction


Our Goal

The best tech company that Indians are proud of, and envy of the world.

1.3 B

For You

Ushering a tech revolution for our 1.3 billion strong family

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Our Customers Love Us

Very well thought out products. Great design, intuitive UI; the perfect watch that I was looking for my daily runs!
Abhinav Raghav, ThingIQ Solutions
Build quality on the earphones is excellent. Now I don’t have to hold my phone at an awkward angle while working in the kitchen.
Sweta Mehta, Home Maker